Hydrophilization of synthetic fibres.

Hydrophilization is the capability of a fibre to absorb and retain moisture. While natural fibres can absorb lots of moisture, synthetic fibres have a lower absorption capacity. This can impact the product characteristics in a negative way and lead to static charge in many technical applications. With hydrophilization of synthetic fibres, Ploucquet offers a form of technology that can give the product a highly effective additional benefit.


By combining the positive characteristics from both fibre groups, it is possible to tap into new industrial areas of application. Permanent hydrophilic finishes create the necessary prerequisites for combining the robustness of synthetic yarns with the absorbency of natural fibres, producing a long-lasting finish. In combination with additional finishes offering qualities such as flame retardance, this process offers added value for technical products. From filter media to car seats – there is a wide range of possible uses in various product groups.

Effects achieved.

The product benefits achieved in this case are speedy and high-level absorbency of moisture, good distribution across the fibre surface and quick drying. Moisture does not penetrate the fibre itself. Highly stable, flame-retardant special fibres benefit particularly from this hydro process, without their original characteristics being altered. In contrast to traditional finishing methods, which involve applying a wafer thin film across the surface of the fibre, hydro technology guarantees a significantly higher level of permanence. Hydrophilic groups are attached to the fibre surface of the synthetic yarn by means of a strong bond.


Consistent modification of the surface is achieved using a special textile finishing process for each synthetic fibre. A multi-stage aqueous process chemically changes the fibre surface and achieves a good capillarity between the individual fibres. This results in considerably better distribution of the moisture across a wider area. A larger evaporation area supports the drying process.


Hydro technology ensures added value and proven functionality. It is characterized by a high level of consistency, environmental friendliness and economic soundness.