Flame-Retardancy finishes.

Professionally finished heat-resistant and flame-retardant clothing protects against extreme temperatures and the risk of burns, and is part of an indispensable safety concept for the fire brigade and protection of industrial property. As an expert partner, Ploucquet offers flame-retardant finishes to suit individual requirements in various industrial fields.

Effects achieved.

Textile substrates are transformed into highly flame-retardant textiles using special coatings. A material is flame-retardant if it does not continue to burn or have an afterglow once the source of ignition is removed. The finishes offer protection against radiation heat, convection heat, contact heat, molten metal splashes and direct contact with flames. Wearing flame-retardant clothing can lead to unavoidable strains on the body. Our functional coatings minimize these effects without having a negative impact on safety.

Processes and characteristics.

Special products for flame-retardant finishes are applied in liquid form using foulard application. Permanent and non-permanent finishes are part of our service portfolio.
There are various coatings that can be individually tailored to suit the respective substrate and requirements. As well as the classic foulard application, coatings with flame-retardant and flame-resistant strips are also available. Our products are divided into the categories of fire-resistant/ flameproof and flame-retardant.

For materials which need to be fire-resistant, we offer special solutions that prevent the textile from changing or decomposing when exposed to extreme heat or open flames. With materials that require flame-retardant characteristics, our coatings ensure a reduction in flammability and combustibility. Our finishes thus give materials their suitability for use in a specific situation, as well as added value and performance.


Environmental aspects.

To ensure that there is no negative effect on the environment, Ploucquet only uses the non-wash-resistant version of these finishes.