Quality Standards.


The increasing demand for functionalization of textiles for use in various industrial applications is what drives us to constantly develop new and innovative finishing technologies.
Our finishing, coating and lamination capabilities are distinguished by technical competence and offer a variety of processing options that create new areas of application.
The Tection finishing division provides the utmost in professional service made in Germany.

We functionalize technical textiles, composite materials and protective clothing with finishes, laminations and coatings. We have a high degree of expertise in terms of ensuring reliability in the manufacturing process and a consistently high level of quality. Ploucquet developments offer top performance for both product and customer, particularly in future-oriented areas such as medical textiles, the automotive, aviation and transport industries, and sewer renovation.

Manufacturing Process.

In a highly modern, 20,000 sq m factory in Zittau, thermal, chemical, mechanical and physical textile finishes are managed as part of highly technological manufacturing processes.
With long-standing expertise, flexibility, personal service and an efficient team, we offer customer-oriented finishing solutions from a single source.
A modern plant sets technical benchmarks and guarantees excellent results and quality of the highest level. Our quality management system is DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certified, the energy management is certified according to DIN EN ISO 50001:2018. Furthermore our dyed and refined textiles are GOTS certified.


The Ploucquet company laboratory ensures the best results and consistently high quality thanks to a colorimetric process and precise production monitoring, which are integrated into the production process.
Our test laboratory, which is equipped with cutting-edge measuring and testing equipment, gives our customers additional security when it comes to project development. We carry out our tests on textile processing, colour measurement, textile ecology, environmental analysis, clothing technology, laundry, and textile cleaning with the highest level of expertise and advice. As part of our material research, our textile products undergo strict tests to guarantee consistently high levels of quality. Flammability tests, UV-light-resistance tests, water column tests, fibre tear tests, the Martindale rub test, and the skin model and breathability tests are just some of those that we carry out. To test water resistance, two different rain tests are used. The EDGAR (Enhanced Dynamic Garment Rain tester) test examines beading effects and water repellence in simulated continuous rain conditions and a rain tower test, which is almost unique in Germany, measures the impermeability of the manufactured material.

Quality control.

To guarantee optimal standards of quality, Ploucquet has an SAP-supported manufacturing and quality management system. During the inspection process, trained employees test and sample every metre of the finished material before it is packed and made ready to ship. Depending on customer requirements, shipping may involve the product being packaged in batches, individual packages or on a large roll. Our logistics expertise supports us in shipping our products across the world.

European location.

We bridge the gap! The company’s location in Zittau, a region that boarders Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany, means that Ploucquet is ideally placed in logistics terms to provide a link to Eastern European markets. Perfect for ensuring flexibility, speed and efficiency.