For us, environmental protection is not something we have to put up with, but one of our main aims and an issue that we are fully committed to. 
We are conscious that we have a role to play as a company and that we need to act responsibly towards the environment. Consequently, 
one of our corporate aims is to ensure that we act in an environmentally friendly way. Our production process is certified according to 
DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and is regularly checked by our environmental and quality-control department. The most of our products are certified 
Oeko-Tex® Standard 100.


Our environmentally conscious ethos requires us to keep within legally recommended CO² emis-
sions limits. We take this issue extremely 
seriously and place great value on efficient improvement of air quality. Valuable energy is fed back into the production cycle using a heat-recovery system. Air scrubbers and electrical filters guarantee that exhaust air is thoroughly cleaned.


We use a responsible mix of fossil fuels and renewable energies following our DIN EN ISO 50001:2011 certification.


All dyes used are AZO-free and contain no heavy metals. We adhere to all REACh regulations.


Water is life. Our plants are regularly checked by the relevant authorities. An innovative waste-
water preparation plant (anaerobic reactor) 
pretreats some of the waste water and neutralizes all waste water in the process. This increases the speed of neutralization and ensures 
that we adhere to prescribed limits. Heat exchangers contribute considerably to saving energy during the pro-
duction process.


Officially approved waste-disposal facilities meet all required standards. 90 % of our waste is recycled.


Ploucquet is involved in the European outdoor sustainability working group, which aims to develop pioneering solutions for recycling 
of outdoor clothing.