Damp-proofing methods

Fabrics and pre-treatment.

Our machinery plant can process all types of fabric up to 200 cm in width. This includes natural fibres and mixed synthetics (non-woven, felts, cross-stretch fabrics, foams, membranes and films). To ensure an optimal production process, the materials undergo a multi-stage pre-treatment process (desizing, bleaching, mercerization).


For dyeing, we use six different processes in full-width and rope form (reactive, substantive, pig-
ment, sulphur, acid and metal complex).
16 dyeing units with KKV, Jigger, AT Jigger, Thermosol and rope dyeing capabilities support the process chain. Additional security is provided by a fully automatic preparation station for liquid and powder dyes and their auxiliary agents. Our professional “colour kitchen” provides reliable repro-ducibility and minimizes sources of error.