Coating and functional finishing methods.

Six tenter frames up to a width of 200 cm provide numerous possibilities as far as coatings are concerned. PU, acrylate, colour and foam coatings, as well as two-colour prints, are all part of our portfolio.
Our functional finishes meet ever-increasing standards of quality. Our tenter frames are equipped with foulards that enable the use of versatile applications such as low add-on and wet-on-wet coating. The finishes that can be produced with this method range from antibacterial, water-repellent and hydrophilic finishes to dimensionally stable, anti-static, odour-resistant and UV-blocking characteristics, and many more.


For the use of two- and three-layer composites, Ploucquet employs the licensed Sympatex Membrane from Sympatex Technologies, among others. Thanks to its precise and accurate application technology, the breathability of the composite is supported and a pleasant feel is created. These composites are used in a variety of settings, from the medical hygiene sector and protective wear to sewer renovation.

Tumbling and Sanforization.

Thanks to processing in rope tumblers, the grip and feel of the textile can be perfected for the desired purpose. The Sanforization process stops the product from subsequent shrinking, thus preventing undesired changes in dimensions.